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To get your security guard license, you have to take the 8 hour pre-assignment training and the 16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course at an accredited security training school. You will get your security guard certification after you file your security officer training completion document with The New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.

There are many security officer training programs in New York City, but for new security guards with no on the job experience, we prefer to work with graduates of the Liberty Security Training Institute. In addition to all the training required for security guard certification by New York State, the security guard job training program at Liberty Security Training Institute includes training on how to work with the latest in security technology, making the graduates of their security guard training program the ideal candidates to work with Security USA®.

For experienced security guards who need to complete their annual 8 hour in service training course, Liberty Security Training Institute security guard training courses will keep your security guard certification up to date and keep you up to date on the use of cutting edge security technology. We'll also remind you when you are due to take the course again, avoiding the danger of losing your security guard certification due to non-compliance with the training requirement.

Security Guard Training Programs

New York State Requires the Following Fees

  • Initial application for a Security Guard Registration Card: $36.00
  • Electronic Fingerprinting: $102.25
  • Service Fee: $25.00

These fees are required by New York State and are completely separate from any fees you pay for your security guard training courses. Liberty Security Training Institute will guide you through the entire process, saving you time and money.

Training Required to Become a Security Guard

All security guards must complete two training courses before earning full certification.

The first step is to take an 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course before applying to the Department of State for a Security Guard Registration Card. This course covers the basics that everyone working as a security officer needs to know. At Liberty Security Training Institute, you will also be taught how to prepare an application or resume for a position as a security officer, and navigate the fingerprinting and filing requirements with New York State. When you graduate, their placement service may be able to help you secure a position to start your career as a licensed security officer.

Once you get a job as a security guard, you must complete a 16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards within 90 days. This course covers the duties of a security guard and procedures relevant to the work site. These courses only have to be taken once, but you will need to take an 8 Hour Annual In-service Training Course for Security Guards every year for as long as you work as a security guard.

To Maintain Registered Security Guard Status

Sign up for Liberty Security Training Institute's 8 Hour Annual In-service Training Course for Security Guards every year to maintain your security guard certification. Failure to complete the annual in-service training may result in the loss of your security officer license.

Once you sign up for any of Liberty Security Training Institute's security guard training courses, they'll remind you each year when it's time to take your Annual 8 Hour In-Service Training, so there's no chance your registration will lapse.

Being a Licensed Security Guard is a Great Career

Signing up for training at Liberty Security Training Institute can be your first step on the road to a career as a licensed security officer. Training is not expensive and quality security guards are always in demand. Your security guard license can be your ticket to a better tomorrow.

More Information About Careers in Security

  • In addition to the courses listed above, armed guards are required to take a firearms course both before they start working and every year thereafter.
  • Persons who are actively working as police who wish to work part time as security officers are not required to register with the New York State Department of State.
  • Retired or former police officers ARE required to register with the state and follow all requirements if 10 years or more have passed since they were on active duty. If it has been less than 10 years, they do not have to meet all of the requirements.
  • People who are currently employed as Corrections Officers and Court Officers or who are retired from those positions are treated similarly to those who have served as police. The staff at Liberty Security Training Institute can help you navigate all of the various requirements that are specific to your situation.

Security USA, Inc. recruits military veterans of the US military, IDF and other international military organizations, for various positions (guards, lead-guards, security agents, bodyguards, supervisors and kabat positions). If you are a veteran of a combat unit, please send your resume (korot chaim) to us via e-mail to or fax to: (212) 594-5616,. Also, please include a copy of your military discharge certificate; two professional reference letters and one personal reference letter.

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