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Following Bulgarian Suicide Attack, NYPD Protects Jewish Temples

NYC Mayor Bloomberg explains a suicide bombing on a bus in Bulgaria and how it will affect the citizens of Manhattan. The NYPD are focused on keeping the people of Manhattan safe. They will be protecting Jewish Temples and increasing the number of patrol cars as well.

Following a suicide bombing in Bulgaria, the NYPD are taking necessary precautions. Their focus is on protecting Jewish Temples in Manhattan. Also, the number of patrol cars will be increased in and around Manhattan.

Bloomberg says that following a suicide attack on a bus in Bulgaria, there will be no differences to daily life in Manhattan. The increase in patrol cars are not due to any particular threat; they are simply precautionary measures to keep Manhattan safe. A similar attack happened earlier in the year in Toulouse, France that resulted in the murder of children and a rabbi.

Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise around the world. Synagogues, temples, religious schools, and other Jewish organizations may wish to increase their security to keep their members and students safe. Security USA has been protecting Jewish organizations and other houses of worship since our inception.

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